About Us

Formula SAE is a collegiate competition in which students are challenged with designing, building, and racing an open wheeled, formula style vehicle. The competition isn’t just about who has the fastest car; design, management, and marketability are all assessed. From streamlining design and manufacturing processes, to cultivating leadership in project management and communication, students involved in UConn’s FSAE program have to overcome the same challenges encountered by professional racing teams, all while juggling an already demanding curriculum. Simply put, it’s the best automotive experience a student could hope for, short of a full time position in the industry.

UConn FSAE  gives students more than just the opportunity to build a racecar. It provides the chance to engage in a complete engineering and design process. Team members learn not just how to build and fabricate, but also how to plan and manage budgets, comply with strict regulations, and market themselves and their car. The skills learned at the Formula SAE shop cannot be found in a classroom environment, but are critical to professional success and development.

The 2018 season marked UConn Formula SAE's 10th consecutive year. The team produced its best vehicle to date and achieved its best result, finishing 13th at FSAE Michigan and 7th at Formula North. Competition highlights included a 4th place finish in acceleration in Michigan and 1st in cost event in Canada. The team looks forward to developing an even better car for the 2019 season!